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Tree Protection Hoarding and Fencing

Tree protection hoarding/fencing is necessary once development applications have been approved and before construction begins, in order to protect the trees that are to be preserved during construction. Proper hoarding and fencing installation is essential to keep a construction project progressing smoothly, without interruptions by Urban Forestry Authorities.

Our Tree Protection Fencing Include:

  • Adherence to all local regulations

    Tree and Ravine Inc. guarantees that our Tree Protection Fencing meets all necessary regulations. We get the job done correctly and on time. We utilize ISA best practices and procedures, outlining clear construction boundaries and access, to ensure all trees are properly protected

  • Rapid Installation and Removal

    We offer a quick turnaround time (upon confirmation), ensuring that no costly interruptions or unnecessary delays are incurred on your project due to violations. We understand and appreciate that any delays or interruptions mean excess costs to your project.

  • Consultation and site visit to confirm parameters of Tree Protection Hoarding/Fencing

  • Site visit for installation of Tree Protection Hoarding/Fencing . All installations are performed by an ISA Certified Arborist adhering to local Urban Forestry Regulations

  • Site visit for removal of Tree Protection Hoarding/Fencing, once construction is complete and approved by the local Urban Foresty Authority.

  • Recommendations to help maintain and improve tree health during and after construction

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