Tree and Ravine inc.
Certified Arborist Services

Tree and Ravine Inc. is a Toronto based Arborist and Landscape Design firm. We have 15+ years of experience with residential, municipal and commercial projects. We specialize in tree inventory and analysis, risk assessments, ravine stewardship plans and landscape design for public and private spaces.

Urban Forestry Services

All our services are provided by an ISA Certified Arborist
Arborist Reports
  • Arborist reports and tree protection plans for tree injury and removal permits
  • Tree inventories and site analysis for development and ecological purposes
  • Tree inspection for risk assessment and hazard mitigation
Landscape Design
  • Inventory, analysis and assessment of existing site conditions
  • CAD and 3D digital rendering for complete design visualization
  • Low maintenance designs through careful plant and material selection
Ravine Stewardship Plans
  • Tree inventories and assessments for ravine stewardship and protection permits
  • Tree protection and silt control plans with construction details
  • Implementing the latest software and analysis methods using CAD, GPS, and GIS mapping
Air Spade Root Exploration
  • Coordination with local utilities and authorities to ensure safety on the job site and no service interruptions
  • Air Spade allows for roots to be located and inspected without damage
  • Inspection, assessment, pruning, photographing of roots all in accordance to ISA Best Practices. Findings documented in a report
Deep Root Fertilization & Vertical Mulching
  • Holes are drilled into the soil and a nutrient solution is injected directly into the holes, followed by mulch
  • Foliar and pH analysis to determine specific nutrient deficiencies
  • Aeration of soil allows for more efficient nutrient uptake, mulch also provides slow release nutrients
Tree Protection Hoarding/Fencing
  • Tree protection hoarding/fencing is installed and removed by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • Installation and removal completed within 48 hours of confirmation
  • We meet all Urban Forestry regulations, eliminating construction interruptions or fines due to violations

About US

15+ years of experience in urban forestry and project development in the Greater Toronto Area
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist on staff
  • Expedited service for time sensitive revisions and projects
  • Comprehensive knowledge of private tree and ravine by-laws in the Greater Toronto Area
  • 3D Computer modeling for complete visualization of our designs
  • Our services incorporate best practices and leading technologies

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Certified arborist on staff

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