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Important Announcement

I am pleased to announce a partnership between Tree & Ravine Inc. and Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd. and that moving forward, I will be joining the team at Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services and working with them in order to better serve our clients.

Working with Cohen & Master will allow me to expand my toolbox, as I can now offer a wider variety of services relating to consulting, including Sonic Tomography. In addition, Cohen & Master can provide a full range of in-house services including tree removals, tree pruning, planting and plant health care. My promises to you are a seamless transition - any ongoing projects will continue as usual - and the same quality of work and service as you’ve come to expect from Tree & Ravine.

Cohen & Master is staffed by a team of courteous, friendly, competent professionals, backed by the latest in equipment and technology, with the ultimate objective of optimizing the benefits of the science-based services they deliver. I look forward to this new opportunity and the amazing work we can do together.

Thank you to everyone that helped make Tree & Ravine a success and assisted us in achieving our goals for the company. We look forward to this chapter of the journey and we are excited to continue to provide top level quality services to you in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this transition.

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