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Toronto Ravine Stewardship Plans

Ravine Stewardship Plans – an inventory and assessment of the health of a ravine property, including Ravine Restoration Plan providing strategies for restoration to improve the overall health of the ravine. This is often a mandatory requirement by municipalities for development applications and permits for ravine properties.

The submission of a detailed Ravine Stewardship Plan enables for a more efficient review of Ravine Permit applications. This results in fewer delays in application processing and expedites permit acquisition.

Our Ravine Stewardship Plans include:

  • Inventory and Assessment

    Inventory and analysis of ravine trees and vegetation, including an assessment of the overall health and condition of the ravine. Invasive & non-invasive species and native & non-native species are identified. Trees are measured, numbered and tagged, as well as photos taken of trees and vegetation inventoried. A digital context plan is created based on this information.

  • Ravine Restoration Plans with Details and Notes

    Digital plans are produced with development activities and restoration and maintenance strategies, including details and notes. A removal and replanting plan with recommendations of future maintenance activities is included as part of the restoration plans.

  • Site visit for ravine inventory and assessment

  • Ravine Stewardship Plan as outlined above

  • Digital copy of the Ravine Stewardship Plan

  • Digital copy of Ravine Permit Application

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