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Toronto Landscape Design Services

A Context Plan is an inventory, analysis and assessment of existing design elements on public or private property, including vegetation and pre-existing landscape features.

A 3-D Digital Rendering creates a more immersive experience when viewing the proposed design. It is a very efficient method of visualizing that the desired goals and objectives set forth by the client are met. This results in fewer delays at the design stage and expedites implementation and completion of the project.

Our Landscape Design Services Include:

  • Site Inventory and Analysis

    An inventory and analysis of the property is performed, including locations of vegetation and topographic elements. A Context Plan is created outlining existing conditions of landscape features and elements.

  • Preliminary Landscape Design

    Preliminary landscape design concepts are prepared and presented based on the clients specific objectives and needs.

  • Landscape Plans/Details/Notes

    A Landscape Plan is developed to show proposed locations of landscape features and vegetation, including layout and planting information. The landscape plan illustrates an overall vision of the project, enabling the client to visualize the design before it is built. Landscape construction details and notes will be provided as part of the Landscape Plans.

  • Site visit for Inventory and Analysis

  • Digital copy of Context Plan

  • Digital copy of Preliminary Landscape Design Concepts

  • Digital copy of Landscape Plans including Landscape Details and Notes

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