Toronto Arborist Reports

An Arborist Report is an inventory, analysis and assessment
of tree(s) on public or private property, often a mandatory requirement by municipalities for development applications and permits.

The submission of a detailed Arborist Report enables a more efficient review of development
applications in relation to Tree removal and injury permits, as well as Ravine Permit applications.
This results in fewer delays in application processing and expedites permit acquisition.

Tree and Ravine Arborist Reports include:

Tree Inventory and Assessment

Trees are measured, numbered and tagged, also photos are taken of the trees inventoried. Analysis and
recommendations, including an assessment of the trees overall health and condition are included
as part the Arborist Report. A digital context plan is created based on this information.

Tree Protection and Planting Plan with Details and Notes

A Tree Protection Plan will be produced with tree protection, injury, and removal strategies clearly illustrated.
This includes tree hoarding, sediment control fence, and planting information and details.


  • Site visit for Tree Inventory and Assessment
  • Digital copy of the Arborist Report as outlined above
  • Digital copy of Tree injury and/or removal permit application(s)