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Deep Root Fertilization and Vertical Mulching

Root fertilization and vertical mulching is recommended to aid a tree’s long term health impacted by the urban environment. This is a preferred method for fertilizing trees, as it by-passes turf grass roots and also helps to aerate the surrounding soil. This treatment is an effective method to speed up recovery for trees that have been stressed or are nutrient deficient.

Our Root Fertilization and Vertical Mulching Includes:

  • Customized Nutrient Solution

    Tree and Ravine Inc. customizes the nutrient solution to specifically target each tree individually, insuring maximum effectiveness. Trees require essential nutrients in specific quantities for proper growth, form and health. High concentrations of these nutrients can be as detrimental as too little.

  • Vertical Mulching and Soil Aeration

    Urban environments present trees with many adverse conditions. Soil compaction, high salt content and airborne pollutants are just some of the detrimental forces imposed on an urban tree. Vertical mulching benefits a tree by aerating the soil and by providing slow release nutrients directly accessible by the roots, allowing for sustained nourishment by the tree.

  • Co-ordination with local utilities and authorities to ensure safety on the job site and no service interruptions

  • Site visit for for pre-dig preparations, performed by an ISA Certified Arborists

  • Site visit for root fertilization and vertical mulching, conducted by an ISA Certified Arborist

  • Digital copy of the Fertilization Report as outlined above

  • Recommendations to help maintain and improve ongoing tree health

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