Air Spade Root Exploration and Report

A root exploration and subsequent report is necessary for a tree that is, or will be, impacted by construction activity. This is often a mandatory requirement by municipalities for Development Permits and Applications.

Tree and Ravine Inc. Root Explorations and Reports include:

Air Spade Root Exploration

Tree and Ravine Inc. employs the Air Spade System when performing root explorations to minimize negative impacts to trees. The Air Spade System is a highly specialized tool using pressurized air to daylight tree roots without damaging the roots, nearby utilities, or communication lines.

Root Exploration Report

A detailed Root Exploration Report enables a more efficient review of development applications by the governing Urban Forestry Authority, in relation to Tree Injury permits. This results in fewer delays in application processing and expedites permit acquisition.


  • Site visit for pre-dig preparations and to designate excavation area
  • Site visit for root exploration, inspection, assessment, photographing of excavated roots and pruning , all performed by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • Digital copy of the Root Exploration Report as outlined above
  • Digital copy of Tree Injury Permit application(s) if necessary